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MYOB training

All too often I hear about individuals and businesses who buy MYOB software and then face the lengthy process of setting it up and figuring out how to use it.  It’s an arduous task and not one that anyone should undertake alone. Just in setting up the software you need to create:

* A company file
* Tax codes
* Accounts list
* Customer set up and balances
* Supplier set up and balances
* An initial bank reconciliation and more…

With accurate training in the software you can significantly minimise the time you will spend later on in trying to comprehend the details of the program. In the end, the amount of MYOB program knowledge you have will correlate with the amount of success you have in applying the software to your needs.

This is where Roslyn Little can come to the rescue. My training and specialisation revolves around helping others overcome the MYOB challenge.  With sixteen years of experience in MYOB consultancy, I personally understand the benefits that having this accounting software can deliver.